Top 4 Brands That Accept Cryptocurrency As a Payment Alternative

While some people believe that cryptocurrency wallets provide convenient payment solutions in the black market, the reality is that these wallets allow users to pay for commodities and services even in the white market. To back that, here are the top brands that accept digital currency as an alternative means of payment:


Since 2014, Microsoft has been accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for its products and services. Whether you want to purchase Microsoft Office 360 or any other useful product from the Windows provider, having a loaded Bitcoin wallet can go a long way.


The international restaurant chain accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment in any outlet. Having a virtual wallet loaded with some Bitcoins therefore can save you the embarrassment of a problem credit card when it comes to paying for coffee or snack at an outlet. 


It’s unbelievable the fact that you can now pay for flights, using Bitcoin, thanks to Expedia. The air ticket buying facilitator will help you purchase a ticket from several airlines, using your Bitcoin wallet. 

4.AT & T

If you still can’t see the tremendous value that cryptocurrencies can offer when it comes to paying for commodities and services, then here is what you need to know; you can pay for AT& T services using Bitcoins. Yes, you read that right–whether it comes to paying for a new handset, data, minutes, or anything else from the mobile network provider, you are good to go with your loaded Bitcoin wallet. 

Final Thoughts

Taking the above organizations that accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment into account, it’s safe to say that we all need to hold some cryptocurrency. With a digital money wallet that is loaded enough, you can pay for products or services in many major big brands out there including the above. With that said, setting up and loading a crypto wallet would be a great decision.  

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