Bitcoin Robot: An Honest Review and Verdict!

Bitcoin Robot is advertised as a piece of software that can automatically trade bitcoins for you. Is it legitimate or just another scam? Well, read my independent review to find out.

Bitcoin Trading Robot Plans

BTC Robot is not a free bitcoin trading robot, but it’s a paid robot. It’s divided into three categories from which you can choose. Those categories are referred to as “Plans.” They go at varying monthly subscription rates. 

1. Silver Plan

This is the cheapest of all BR software plans. It cost 19.99 dollars per month. The company says that with this subscription, you may trade bitcoins using the services of a Meta Trader 4 trading broker of your choice. 

2. Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is the second monthly subscription plan worth 39. 99 dollars per month. According to the product page, this plan allows you to trade bitcoins and ethereum. Apart from that, it lets you trade using the services of up to two different MT4 brokers of your choice simultaneously. Higher profitability is also another supposed benefit. They also say that you get prompt customer support with this one.   

3. Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan is the highest of all plans. Unlike the rest of the plans that are charged on a monthly basis, it’s charged on a yearly basis at 399 dollars. 

The company says that when you buy this plan, they will help you install the robot on the trading platform of their preferred MT4 broker. But you may also use a broker of your choice. The company also promises higher returns with this plan. They also tout expedited ticket response and personalized support. Bitcoin Robot supposedly trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

Bitcoin Robot Payment Options

You can pay for your preferred Bitcoin Robot plan, using PayPal or one of the four different types of credit cards. These cards are namely; Visa, Master Card, Maestro, and Discover Network. 

Is Bitcoin Robot a Scam?

While BTC Robot isn’t a scam per se, this Bitcoin trading robot simply isn’t effective enough. In other words, it loses trades more than it wins them. The algorithm behind it isn’t very accurate. 

My Verdict

Bitcoin Robot isn’t worth your money and time. Though this software isn’t a scam per se, its chances of losing trades are higher than those of winning trades. This cryptocurrency trading robot is expensive for no reason. Better keep your money and trade by yourself as opposed to buying this software. 

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