BitQT Review: Read This Guide Before Signing Up!

BitQT has been written about too many times, getting depicted either positively or negatively. In other words, there are too many positive reviews just as there are negative reviews of this automated trading software that you can ever read online. Obviously, these BitQT reviews have been written by people with different opinions about BitQT.

For many, they can be pretty confusing. On one hand, they get told that BitQT is a nice product that actually works as expected. On the other hand, they get cautioned against it with scam claims. This leaves them wondering what’s the truth about this Bitcoin automated trading system. But this honest BitQT review clear up the confusion.

What Is BitQT?

In a nutshell, it’s a software designed to trade bitcoins for the user. Once set up, the software will automatically place trades on behalf of the user. Most of the trades it places end up winning. For the user, your job is to set the software according to certain parameters than sit back as you watch it do the trick. The software requires only 20 to 45 minutes of your input each day.

How Does This Software Work?

This automated Bitcoin trading software uses a sophisticated algorithm to observe the market trends and then generate trading signals accordingly. It does so with a high level of accuracy. You can allow it to act on a trading signal without first seeking your approval or vice versa. Most users let this software do its job independently though.

How Much Does BitQT Cost?

The good news is that using BitQT does not cost a thing. It’s absolutely free. The only cost you will incur is that of your capital. To be able to trade on the BitQT platform, you’ll need to have a minimum capital of 250 dollars. No withdrawal charges or hidden charges. Similarly, no registration fees or registration renewal fees. It’s all free.

How To Get Started with BitQT

To start using this automated cryptocurrency trading bot, you’ll first need an internet enabled device. You can use your smartphone, a tablet, or a PC(laptop or desktop). Using your device, go here or to the official product website and register for free. The only details you’ll need here are; your name, email address, mobile number and password. You may also download the BitQT app here for quick access to your account.

Once you’re all set, you may test the software to see its effectiveness by trying the optional demo trading feature. This can also help you learn some basic trading skills if you are a complete beginner. But if you trust the software and know how to trade, you can skip to live trading.

How Profitable Is BitQT

According to this information, 250 dollars could generate a profit of 34 dollars in a single day with this software. 500 dollars could generate 68 dollars, all factors remaining constant.

Final Verdict

BitQT is an automated bitcoin trading software that has been depicted in different ways by various reviews. Some reviews say it’s an effective product that actually does its job while other reviews criticize and condemn it. This can be confusing for readers, leaving them not knowing what the truth is about BitQT. But the truth is; this free software is effective and going to work for you as advertised.

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