Coin Exposer is a blog dedicated to digital currencies. Apart from that, the blog also covers many other topics related to this. 

Covering Digital Currencies In-depth

On this website, I talk about Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies in detail. By the way, what other digital currencies do you know apart from Bitcoin cryptocurrency? You can save your answer for another day. 

Helping You Learn about Blockchain

Furthermore, I explain blockchain as the technology that helped create the cryptocurrency industry in more detail. That will, hopefully, better your understanding of it even if you are just a layman.

Pointing You To Proven Digital Currencies Exchange Websites

Most importantly, I scout the internet for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange websites out there. My goal here is to point you to legitimate cryptocurrency exchange websites.

By the way, one of those websites is Binance. You can join it any time you wish to start buying and selling Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Of course, plus other digital currencies.

Apart from Binance, do you know of any other legitimate cryptocurrency exchange website? Would you like to see it featured on the Crypto News page? If yes, you can write to me by going to the Contact Us page. 

Exposing Scams Touching On Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Don’t forget that I also do this to alert and warn you about websites posing as exchanges when the truth is that they are just scams. According to the Crypto Chain University website, some of these websites include,, and

Promoting and Marketing Proven Products and Services

Last but not least, Coin Exposer is here to help you market a product or service related to cryptocurrency. It could be a new coin, Bitcoin exchange website, or virtual currency mining app. It could be any product or service. 

As long as that product or service is proven and authentic, feel free to contact me for your promotional and marketing needs. With that said, I hope you get the best value out of Coin Exposer.