The United Nations Is Set to Go Blockchain

Blockchain continues to gain traction as a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the world. The United Nations is one of the global organizations that have lately announced its intentions to incorporate this cryptic technology into one of its key operations.  The Pension Department […]

Understanding Bitcoin Mining Like an Expert

Bitcoin mining is a critical part of Bitcoin circulation. It entails three components;  A special group of people known as “Bitcoin Miners.”  Bitcoin wallets. Sophisticated computer software alongside hardware. Bitcoin exchange platforms. A blockchain.   While many people find it to be a bit challenging to grasp, […]

Blockchain for Beginners

What is blockchain? It’s a system that records data and also the framework upon which all cryptocurrencies are built. One thing that makes blockchain revolutionary is the fact that it makes data almost impossible to change or hack. How Blockchain Works In Cryptocurrency In the […]